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The Big Sandy Area Lakes Watershed Management Project was organized in 1991 in an effort to protect and enhance the many values of lakes, streams, and shoreland resources in the Watershed. Since that time we have worked with many grant from federal, state, and local sources to implement projects that protect and restore water quality.

How Can We Help You?

We are excited t offer assistance to landowners interested in protecting water quality. We have worked on many projects that stabilize eroding shorelines, establish native plant buffers, control stormwater runoff and more. Are you looking for options for your property? We love to meet with you and discuss solutions that meet your needs.

Join Us!

Community input and collaboration will make our efforts more successful! Please watch for opportunities to become involved and share your opinions. Together we can make a difference for water quality!

Watershed Project Meetings
The next meeting of the Big Sandy Area Lakes Watershed Management Project is scheduled for:
Date: Wednesday November 9, 2022
Time: 2:00 pm
Location: Tamarack Sno-Flyers Clubhouse,
195 Main Street, Tamarack, Mn. 55787
Agenda items include: Section 319 Small Watershed Focus Program – Forestry Promotion Summary; Tamarack River E.Coli Water Monitoring Summary, Cromwell Stormwater Runoff Management Projects, 2022 AIS Grant – Swedish Dishcloths, Subwatershed Reports and more. Please join us! Meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome.
We would love to see you there!

The Sno-Flyers Clubhouse is located on the west side of County Road 6 in Tamarack, Mn.

Map of the Big Sandy Area Lakes Watershed

About us…

The purpose of the Big Sandy Area Lakes Watershed Management Project (BSALWMP) is to provide a local mechanism to encourage equal partnership among all stakeholders and governmental agencies in protecting and enhancing the esthetic, ecological, economic, agricultural, and recreational value of lakes, streams, shoreland, and wetland resources in the Big Sandy Area Lakes Watershed.