Protect Our Waters From Aquatic Invasive Species

Our waters face threats from aquatic invasive species – plants, fungus, and animals that are not native to this location and have a tendency to spread to a degree that may damage the environment, economy, or human health. What can be done to control their spread?

Clean, Drain, Dry – EVERYTIME! If drying is not possible before reusing the equipment, rinsing or washing it is the right things to do.

Educate yourself – What species are headed our way, and how can they be identified?

The threats are bigger than one group can tackle. It takes everyone working together to protect our valuable water resources.

“Every person who uses Minnesota’s lakes and rivers for outdoor recreation has a responsibility to help prevent and curb the spread of AIS…because it is preventable.” Minnesota DNR.

Help protect our waters by educating yourself! Know what to watch for and report any suspicious plant or animal. Together we can make a difference!